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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Big Chill (2010)

According to IMDB.COM the Big Chill (2010) remake is not on the radar. And for good reason. The baby-boomer-turn-30 forward glance film gave us a glimpse of that particular generations wont for post-marital stress and mid-life crises. Something with which every Gen X'er is already intimately familiar. However, if you check DOPLER.COM you will find the Southern U.S. is in the updated version of the real Big Chill (2010). My generations bane. At no point this week have we seen the temps rise above 28. And the future cast looks just as bleak. Coupled with supernumerary amounts of water and cold, winter fishing in Southern Appalachia isn't worth mentioning.

TVA too has its hands full. With dams generating around the clock, tailwater fishing is, even in a drift boat, nearly impossible. For the first time in recent memory, dams are sluicing 24/7, even opening flood gates. So, with the good the bad surely comes. The good being that Tennessee offers some of the finest tailwater fishing in the U.S., the bad being Tennessee lacks in delayed harvest waters, of which there are few, and to be honest, I'm not fishing when it's single digits and I am four miles away from the forest service road.

But if the Romans were right, then for sure "astra inclinant, non necessitant." The stars incline, they do not determine. So let's all ride that idea for 2010. Surely with all the limitations we see before us when looking at our fishing conditions, we need not fret, it is simply an opportunity to discover new ideas and new places.

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Good to see you back with some words of wisdom!

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