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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Low water, fun times, and litterbugs

Wow, we've got some skinny water. And while it poses its problems, it's also opportunity time. Sure, there are still plenty of fish to be had, but if you find yourself spooking more fish than you're catching, take time to survey your surroundings.

During periods of low water -- especially during the dangerously low levels we're experiencing --  it's a perfect time to scout. You can easily negotiate waters that may be impassable when the water is at normal-to-high flow. You can spot holds, crevasses, slots, and boulders that are perfect trophy fish hiding spots, make that mental note, and test your knowledge later. I've been doing just that for the past few years, and it's paid off. I have a notebook full of tidbits that chronicle my scouting. Now if I can only find it... Good thing I remember most. I think.

Yesterday, dad and I hit the water. Dad taught me a lot about being outdoors, but now I'm teaching him about fly fishing and it's been fun. He's a micro-light, rooster tail kinda guy. And he's caught some nice browns in the Smokies that way.

 Today, I decided to tackle Little River along Little River Road below Metcalf Bottoms. Some nice fishing if your patient enough to stay low, control drag, and stay out of the water (especially in low water).

 On the way to the Smokies.

Had it all to my little lonesome self. Nice fishing today, too. Above average 'bows, but didn't manage a brown today.

It doesn't pay to litter. Who would do it anyway? Morons.

Have a great week, folks. If you want to join us on one of our wacky adventures (yeah, I said it), contact Sean McKay at Smoky Mountain Troutfitters (www.smokymountaintroutfitters.com or 865-567-2441). Get out, get wet, and stay cool.

Keep it rural,


Shoreman said...

Unfortunately, it's the few (guys like us) that pick up the trash for the many (guys like the morons).


John said...

I need to get over here more often! Great post Griz!

John said...

I need to get over here more often! Great post Griz!

James C. said...

Thanks, John! We need to spend a couple days somewhere, so I can clear my mind... before it gets down right cold, too.

Dwayne and Becca said...

Dang good blog, Griz.

James C. said...

Thanks, Dwayne! Yours too!


Love the Smoky Mtn pics...can't wait to come back!