"Grinnin' like a mule eatin' saw briars."

Monday, February 22, 2010

... and boy are my arms tired!"

What a weekend. Temps close to 55, water temp rising above 42. Beautiful spring day, a brief respite from the bitterly cold temperatures we've had for the past ... well, seems like forever.

We began the morning early anticipating crowds on a spectacular stretch of the South Holston known for its gently rising bruisers. My favorite part about fishing this section is the flat water. While most people fish riffles, slots, and runs, (but mainly riffles) I stick to the slick, flat water. Why? Out of necessity. I learned long ago that if you're gonna catch the big fish and have the most fun, you're gonna have to learn to fish where no one thinks there are any fish, or you have to be incredibly sneaky; sneaky is an art forgotten by many fisherman, most practice the splash and wave. But to avoid a lengthy diatribe, I'll get back to the point of this post. FUN!

Wow, what a day. I brought at least 30 fish to hand, lost about as many. Most all were caught on BWO comparaduns #'s 20 and 22. A few on split case BWOs, and even a couple of sulphur dries. The average fish was 15" with a few pushing the 20" mark and one over 20.

OK, back to the flat water. It takes a long, delicate cast in flat water. And it's important to study the water from the bank, looking for the good holding spots and cruising fish. I love flat water. But I love riffles to, there I can dive right in and save the crouching back. Have great week, y'all! I'm tired... let's get back on the water!


typical brown from the South Holston


John said...

Awesome Bro! Now thats how we boys down here like to feesh!

Dennis said...

Browns have to the most beautiful fish (imo)...and that pic helps give them that rep...

OneBugIsFake said...

I need to get back there. The South Holston is on my fly fishing bucket list. Mostly for August smallies, but big browns too.