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Monday, August 23, 2010

Another thought ...

Sitting here, as most days, I'm thinking about fishing. That's what I do at work, and I work right next to the Pigeon River. The BP, or the Dirty P, as we call it, is as diverse a river as there is. At it's head waters you'll find native Appalachian strain brook trout, mid-ways, down you'll find nice wild bows, a little further TWRA stocks bow, and below that the best smallmouth fishing in the country (not to mention HUGE red horse and gar, and if you've never fished for either red horse or gar on a fly rod, I highly recommend it).

Tennessee holds some nice fishing records. The world record smallmouth came out of Dale Hollow, weighing in at 11 lbs 15 oz. I know I've had some wild times with 6 pounders on the Pigeon.

Which makes me think of other records.

The record brown trout, from the Clinch River (arguably the countries finest tailwater) is 28 lbs 12 oz.

Even an unusual record. A mere 6 oz cutthroat was pulled out of the Obey River in 1969. Now, either the boys stocking had a sense of humor, or that little guy swam a damn long way.

From a from a 90lb carp to a 75lb paddlefish, there are almost too many fish in Tennessee to list. I'm glad I've traveled all over, but the minute I'm home I think "I could've caught better in the backyard." Well, but then it's all about experiences, really, and I can't catch Apache or Golden Trout here. So, all's fair in fishing.

Here's a short video I shot of Sean McKay of Smoky Mountain Troutfitters and me fishing (well, just Sean and a picture of me). I guide for Sean when I can, and this fall looks to be great. It's smallouth on the Pigeon. We know there has to be a world record smallmouth in this river -- we've seen 'em. Now, to entice them...


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