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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shout Outs

For all my new blog friends:

Check out Seven Bridges Road by John Dollar. John's a Western North Carolina dude (right over the hill, as we say) and an outstanding fisherman. He takes great pics and videos, too. An all around great blog to follow.

Then mosey on over to 365 Fly Fishing by Austin Campbell, he's a Yankee transplant in North Carolina, but we've accepted him as an honorary Son of the South. He's been pursuing his passion in a blog, one solid year of fly fishing, either on the river, on the road, or in theory. And Austin ties beautiful flies, too. I had the pleasure of fishing with Austin and John Dollar late last year, a great day that ended in frozen feet and home brews.

Then have a gander at Compleat Thought by Kyle Perkins. Kyle is a Colorado kid who his holds true to his Western sensibilities in fine form. Kyle talks about everything from videos, to felt, to movies. (He's also a pretty darn good fisherman.)

Then there's Tyler Legg at http://www.tarheelflyfishing.com/. Tyler's destined to be the next superstar in our sport. When I was his age I was too busy acting a fool on the river and wasting time, but his calm and cool talents are already being noticed -- and he ain't even in college yet, folks.

All right, just wanted to send up some shouts. I hope to read everyone soon!

Keep it rural,


troutrageous1 said...

All good blogs, familiar with some, but not all. Thanks for passing along!

Anonymous said...

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